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 On big happy family/.....NOT![1 chapter per post]

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PostSubject: On big happy family/.....NOT![1 chapter per post]   13th March 2007, 01:49

ok..here is a story I have been writing today..I mad eon called''started middle school with Macey Moore'' and it was reaaallllyyy long nad took me a while to write...and I wasent evan done..byt sadly it got on accident deleted :[[ but here is some of one I have frequently started on......

{Summary of story}:Jade had everything going for her..She was pretty,sweet,really popular,rich,spoiled nad everything!But then something happen's that wil change her life forever..And her and her older sister Kelly are astonished when her father re-marries and Jade & Kelly must live with a new family..where e=almost everything is new to them.

''One big happy family...NOT!!'' Chapter:1:

One big happy family.......not!

Jade shook at the sound of her alarm clock buzzing in her left ear...''Time for school''she moaned and groaned...
Jade Hincock was a very bright intelligant girl...She was very popular and had tons of friends.Right now everything was going perfect for Jade she wouldant change anything.
Jade hit the off buttin on her alarm clock and rose up.Her big sister,Kelly,was yelling at her from downstairs ''come on Jade lets go!I'm not going to be late because of you!''Jade wondered why her sister alwyas seemed to rush her..I mean she was always fast for a girl having to do her hair perfect and make-up.
''I'm coming Kelly!'' Jade hollere'd..Jade put on her new pink and light blue shirt her mom had bought her.Her mom alwyas bought her stuff when her and her mother would go out on there ''week'ly Friday shops.''She put on a matching short skirt and did her hair and makeup and headed down stairs to the smell of her mothers wonderful cooking and her Father's coffe being made.''Whoa''said her dad.''sweetie dont you think that skirt is a tad too short?''he said looking at her and teasing because he knew jade would wear it anyway..It's another thing that kept her on top at Grove Middle school.''let's go jade''kelly motioned Jade outside into her older sister's car.The car smelt of pine forest scent,which was coming from the ir freshner hanging from the review mirror of her sister's car.''Ready kiddo?''Kiddo?''I huffed to myslef..I laughed''yep''WE drove to school in a kinda hurry.Kelly always like to get there early so she can meet up with her council group and talk to her boyfriend,John.
Kelly parked in her usual parking spot and got out of the car.''Have a god day at school jade!''She said walking out of the praking lot while putting her keys with tons of keychains back into her little black purse.jade sat there kinda sulking in the car .She then grabbed her very ecspensieve designer purse and cool new shades and headed towards Grove Middle School.
As alway's guy's jaw would drop flat down to there feet when Jade HIncock walked by.They all loved her and thauhgt that a girl could never get hotter than that.All the girl's loved her nad alwyas tried to be like her.They dressed like her[well tried],alway's wanted to hang out with her and alwyas said the same things as her like''awesome'' or ''no way''.
She sat down at a table by her best friend, Stacey, who was also popular just not as much as Jade.''Whats up?'' asked Stacey,focusing her attention on Jade instead of the people she was talking to before.''Oh not much.just the usual''answered jade resting her hand on her chin and leaning on the ''popular'' table where her and all her friends sat.
Jade smelt of highly exspencieve coach perfume and the smell of her ''wow its amazing'' brand name conditionar.
The bell rang and all of the kids gatherd there thing's and ran to there classes.Jade,sarah,and the rest of the ''in crowd'' walked down the hall's as if they owned them thereselves,oushing kids out of the way and smirking at those who awwed them and wished that they were them
School was the same that day.Jade had to do no homework since she got all the smart people to do it for her.It was all typical to her,and normal.
As jade walked from her locker to the doors that led ioutside where she would go to her older sister's car to go home.jade saw a girl,about her age,her books all tumpled to the ground and paper's flyed everywhere.she looked at the girl.It was Nikkie,Elise.One of the smart.ugly duckling,and not rich kids.jade stood there not knowing whether to help or not.Jade knew what she had to do.She bent down and held her knees remembering she had on a short skirt.jade hlped her with her things but said nothing.She did not want all her friends to know she helped one of the smart brainy kids.They would think she has lost her touch at being the most well known stand out of my way girl at school.Nikkie looked at her as Jade walked out the door.She wondered ''why did she help me?but yet,why did she say nothing at all?''Nikkie was used to people ignoring her.Her parents pretty much ignored her,she had no siblings,and everyone at school thauhgt of her as the ''brainy smart'' kid.Jade got in the car and waited ptiently for Kelly.She then pulled out her mp3 player an dlistened as she waited.


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PostSubject: Re: On big happy family/.....NOT![1 chapter per post]   13th March 2007, 01:58



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On big happy family/.....NOT![1 chapter per post]
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