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 Fortification (Or, my excuse not to use the Gerudo)

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PostSubject: Fortification (Or, my excuse not to use the Gerudo)   26th March 2007, 03:35

Celeste ordered the closing of the gates. Kami and Ashei pulled them shut, and retreated back inside.

Celeste looked at her subjects.
"Ladies, as you know, the city is not safe for us. This king....I don't trust him. We will stay here, and go back to the old ways. No one will ever hear of the Gerudo again, until the glorious day we retake what is rightfully ours!"

A cheer was her answer. She smiled.
"Now, let us save up, for one day, the Gerudo will be the wonderful tribe they once were."

And with that, the Gerudo cheered and closed all of the gates, determined to follow their queen in her mission. Even if it killed them


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Fortification (Or, my excuse not to use the Gerudo)
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