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kakashi hatake


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PostSubject: kakashi   1st June 2007, 00:54


name :kakashi
age: 21
personality: kind and helpful. but a wanderer willining to help his friends when they are in need of help. quick to anger he kinda has a bad temper. insulting him is the quickest way to make him mad when he is alone he practices eather throwing his knives or his lighting bolt technique
lives: prefers the forest, but wanders almost every where

powers: he is able to send bolts of energy that look like lighting from his hand up to 5 times a day with out wereing himself out. and is deadly acurate

appearace: he has white hair, red eyes, kinda tall. he also has a slim but strong body becuse of the exorcise. his skin has a taned tone thanks to all the walking he does he wears a vest that has many scabords across the back and down the sides for his knifes, also he wears paded legings on his legs and sandle type shoes

and that is all you need if i am right if any probles just tell me ok thx
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PostSubject: Re: kakashi   22nd June 2007, 03:24

I approve

I'm never here, though, so ask Mer about it, I guess

I never RP here anymore Sad


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PostSubject: Re: kakashi   5th July 2007, 23:29

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PostSubject: Re: kakashi   

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